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Our Mission

Our mission is to change the stigma around pre-loved fashion. American Opulence is a curated collection of consigned and thrifted clothing, jewelry bags and accessories, many still with tags. Through second-hand fashion, we aim to empower our consumers to make socially conscious purchases without having to sacrifice their style.

5% Of our Sales go to MMAD

MoviesMakingADifference is a 501c3 organization that is dedicated towards bringing awareness to modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and aiding the victims of these issues. MoviesMakingADifference produces inspiring and commercial films that highlight the social ills and injustices mentioned above.


About the founder

Ivana Mesaric, is the founder of American Opulence. She started her thrifting journey back in middle school when the recession hit her family hard. When she found her first Chanel top at Goodwill,and resold it on eBay, her entrepreneurial journey began. Although she's been thrifting for years, she finally decided to make it a legit business after an overwhelming amount of her friends asked where they could buy the clothes she wears. She loves that sustainability is now a factor in purchasing fashion and is hoping to encourage others to be socially conscious with their purchases. 

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